Electric Oil Pump - Barrel

Product Details:

Rs. 15,500.00



1. It Can Transport All Kinds of Oil, Corrosion Chemical Medicine and Other Liquids

2. It Has Small Size and Light Weight

3. Convenient Operation Maintenance

4. 220 v 50 Hz 880 W Drum Pump

5. It Is an Excellent Fuel Transfer Tool

Product Description

Oil Drum Pump Application
1.Compact and Lightweight Design for Multiple Applications

2.Cast Iron Pump Housing: A High Quality Material for Demanding Applications

3.Suitable for Dispensing Oil: Great for Moving Oil from Larger Drum to Smaller Containers

4.Also Good for Gasoline, Kerosene, Diesel Fuel and Low Viscosity Oil

Rain Barrel Compatible

5.Great Manual Option for Dispensing Water from Your Barrel


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Colombo 12

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