Hoist package 01

Product Details:

Rs. 115,000.00

Hoist package 01

  1. Hoist
  • Model                :- NC 500/1000
  • Lifting load       :- 500kg/1000kg
  • Lifting height    :- 25/12 meters
  • Speed                :- 8m/min
  • loop                   :- 4m/min
  • Voltage              :- 230V/ 50Hz
  • Motor Capacity :- 1800kW
  • Cable Size         :- 6mm dia

2. Hoist frame

3.Barrel type concrete bucket

Hoist, Hoist frame and concrete bucket all discount price 115,000.00


We are locally design and fabricate all parts. Especially we are assembling break motor using china unit. We are the only one lifting unite manufacturing company in sri lanka.


New machines, parts and accessories are covered by the manufacturer’s warranty for faulty workmanship or materials for the lesser of 6 months from date of purchase. Should parts fail under these circumstances, they will be replaced free of charge. If any site visits charge 5,000.00 and 50Rs/km per visit and repair for client fault.

The warranty is subject to fair wear and tear and correct use for their intended purpose. The warranty period is non-transferable if the machine is on-sold.

The warranty does not apply in the following cases:

  1. Where the goods have been subjected to any misuse, lack of maintenance, servicing, or handling which is contrary to or outside normal use.
  2. Where the goods have, (without the seller’s prior written consent), in any way been altered, modified or tampered with in design or construction by the customer.
  • Continued use of any goods after any defect becomes apparent or should become apparent to a reasonably prudent operator or user.

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